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Kissimmee Fence Stain and Seal Services

Florida weather is hard on fences. The rain and winds can damage even the best quality fences, and the sun will fade and bleach just about any finish. At Kissimmee Fence Company, we don't care if we installed it or not, we'll refinish, repair and restain any fence you've got! We're locally owned and operated, so we can swing by easily and make small repairs quickly! Or if you have a bigger repair, we'll set up a quick meeting and give you quote.

We use top of the line repair techniques and only the best seals to make sure that the weather and sun will have as little impact as it possible. We believe in quality and serving the community, and take pride in completing jobs above the industry standards. Whether it's a simple repair or a bigger repair like a whole fence steal or whole fence seal, we'll make sure to get it done completely and to the highest standards.

Quality and Dependable Service

Kissimmee Fence Company is proud to be the top rated fence contractor in Kissimmee Fl. We provide fencing services to Kissimmee, St. Cloud, Buena Ventura Lakes, and other surrounding areas. There are a few things you need to know about Kissimmee Fence Company. We build superior fences than our competitors, strive to provide amazing service along the way and we only use the best available materials in our fences. We don't use warped or bent wood in our wooden fences and we don't use brittle, broken vinyl in our PVC or vinyl fences. We do our best to build every fence like it's our own.

At Kissimmee Fence Company, our job isn't done when your installation or fence repair is complete. We're always available for follow up and want to take care of all of our customers. We'll help you choose the right fence for your look and aesthetic if you don't know what you'd like. We're here to help you in any way we can for fencing. Kissimmee Fence Company has people around the area all the time since we're local, and we're here to help you achieve your fencing dreams!

Fill out the quote form, we're excited to hear about how we can help restore your fence to its former glory! Or give us a call 407-329-9470

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